Swarm: A Microscopera

Everything you think you’re not.


WHAT: An experimental rock opera devised by Brooklyn rock group Color and performed with special guests.

WHEN: August 27, 28, 29, 2015 at 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Sideshow Gallery, 319 Bedford Ave.



Brooklyn, NY – What brought you to the big city? Was it the bright lights, or the bacteria in

your gut? Have you chased after the cool crowd, only to find yourself mobbed by solitude?

Is it the twitterverse that’s stressing you out, or the 100 trillion bacteria that live inside you?

Is it hard to be the person you want to be, when you’re barely human? Swarm may be able to



Swarm is an experimental rock opera that brings together original music, documentary

theater, visual projections, and light installations to tell stories about the crowdedness of the

psyche, the psychology of gentrification, the way bacteria communicate with each other, and

how the internet feels. Created by Brooklyn band Color, Swarm will be performed with

special guests at Williamsburg’s original gallery and collaborative performance space, the Sideshow



Last summer, Color’s space opera ISON, a love song to a great comet that never was, played

to packed houses; Tom Tom Magazine called its music “apocalyptic and vulnerable…a funeral

song, a granting of passage for a careening and doomed star.”

Since 2012, Color has staged multimedia performances in conventional and unconventional

venues, including a demented backyard wedding reception, an evil Hamptons vacation, a

prairie revival service, and a Sputnik cosmonaut-in-training extravaganza. Color concocts a

vivid dreamscape with each performance. Experimental in approach, the Color sound

merges psychedelia, punk, and electronica.


Swarm will feature Michael Blain and Jules Ross on vocals, Randy Miller on guitar, Kristin

Dombek on bass, Greg Gonzalez on synth, Dan Nicholson on cello, Mabis Chase on

violin, and Svetlana Chirkova on drums.